Real Fun Services

Innovation and Fun combined.



We specialize in the production of innovative events with massive assistance that promote creativity, innovation and enjoyment, and that propitiate personal development, creating unique experiences in every project we take on. We create innovative and inspiring events - private or public - where fun fusions with education and culture. Some of our services are: Conferences, workshops, fitness events, theater, musicals.


As Millenials and marketing strategists, we believe in the importance of listening to the consumer to reach the best possible results. We apply Marketing 3.0 in most of our initiatives. This concept, by Philip Kotler, ends the believe of old Marketing where the focus are the product and the consumer. In 3.0, the consumer is your ally, your adviser, your partner, who brings ideas to the table, creativity, complaints, and more importantly, a more responsible approach on how we should address our clients and respect the environment we operate in. Some of our services are: Brand Design & Development, Web Design & Development, Social Media Administration, Advertising Campaign Creation and Execution.


Much of our target audience are corporate; workers, managers, entrepreneurs who spend hours behind a computer, for whom many times is hard to find daily motivation. Directors and CEOs of many companies that are constantly looking for ways to encourage workers, keep productivity levels up and a happy working environment. This is why we feel so passionate about creating entertaining and recreational experiences for companies' human resources to receive training and build relationships in one transformative experience. Some of our services are: Event Production & Logistics Services, Team Building & Recreational Activities, Business Summits.