Real Fun Team

We are creatives of modern strategies for massive events, practicians of Marketing 3.0 and architects of socially responsible initiatives.

The talent that moves Real Fun Life.

With headquarters in Florida, USA, Real Fun Life is the first hispanic-owned company combining entertainment, education and innovation in our events. We 
unify our knowledge in the event production industry and our desire to rescue core values and transmit breath-taking emotions, and decide to embark on this journey of creating unique events. To fulfill our clients' needs and to entertain our attendees.

Have a Real Fun Life!

In Real Fun Life, we believe there are 4 very important elements that must be present in our lives to enjoy of great personal, professional, spiritual and physical development: entertainment, entrepreneurship, inspiration and wellness. All of these elements, fusioned as part of our lives, are what trully makes us whole and happy. To have a "Real Fun Life" is to be able to adapt these 4 elements to our daily life. Therefore, in our various initiatives, we look forward to blend these key elements in an innovative way, offering our event attendees and commercial partners a "Real Fun Experience". Opportunities to get informed, involved, educated, inspired, motivated and entertained, and to connect with other people who are also in search of transformative experiences.